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Once the air dried wood reaches a moisture level of 8% to 10%, it's fair to assume we're ready to go.  A higher dampness level could result in the wood "moving" which would cause it to warp, bow or crack.  All wood types differ but typically we expect our lumber to air dry for at least 12 months.  Under hot, dry conditions there have been instances when the wood reaches the desired moisture level sooner.  But when the humidity is high, it creates a longer drying time - as is the case generally here in North Carolina.    

All lumber is rough cut.  In other words, it's not like the lumber you buy at your local lumber yard. Each piece of lumber must now be planed in order to remove all rough edges and to achieve a consistent width and thickness. 

Now we can begin the construction process.  
Below shows the construction process of a special order 4' round, glass top table we recently delivered.  The project was constructed using a photo provided by our customer of a "similar" table with several modifications.  Using my visionary skills, I proceeded without plans.  You will see the final result.